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U.S. Desk serves the legal and business development needs of companies that have connections with the American market. This team is comprised of attorneys turned successful business developers that had coordinated in the past investors and institutional relations for international companies in strategic economic sectors.

The American partner and Head of the U.S. Desk is Adi Kol, a US-based lawyer and business man. After earning his LL.M. from The College of Management Academic Studies specializing in Corporate and Commercial law, Adi Kol worked in various industries as an entrepreneur, marketing executive, and as a director of business development. He has a proven track record of hands-on creative problem solving and innovative business strategies.

Adi Kol also manages investment relations with large scale investors for Immo Hotel Group and G.S.A.'s projects worldwide. His versatile marketing career and experience working with major international companies in the entertainment and retail industries have contributed to his recognition worldwide and in the U.S.

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Adi Kol


Adi Kol
US Desk Manager
851 Meadows Road, Boca Raton FL 33486, U.S.A.


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