Business Development

We offer specialized legal services together with hands-on know-how in business development, integrating the two and conquering the frontier that separated entrepreneurs from attorneys.  Our cross-market dedicated teams provide the comfort of avoiding local risks while expanding operations. Our sophisticated legal expertise, combined with creative and intuitive business skills, enhances the business performance of national and international companies. 

We help our clients to access new markets and develop mature ones, strengthen marketing and sales performance and find investment opportunities by using a vast network of local and international contacts. We evaluate rigorously laws and regulations, and provide assistance and advice on operational effectiveness, cost reduction, business and commercial strategies.


Our cross-market in-house lawyers, partners and experts work in English, German, Swiss German, Hebrew, French, Dutch, Japanese, Italian and Romanian, living across multiple economies. Their multidisciplinary and multicultural skills help us create refined business concepts and strategies for companies in America, EU, Israel, Switzerland, Russia, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa. 

With the help of our international desk section we understand cross-markets business climates and develop long-term relationships in the markets at hand. We give legal and business counseling to entrepreneurs, investors and companies that look for ways to raise capital, develop markets, make investments and leverage business opportunities around the world. 

We connect investors with those that have fine-tuned business plans, eliminating opacity and uncovering the nuances of doing business in all sorts of jurisdictions. We are no strangers to coordinating companies restructuring. We deal with labor law, re-positioning of enterprises, budgeting and financial evaluations, project management and litigation and have an excellent stock of skills in corporate finance, project management, construction and development of real estate operations.

We also activate the resources of other companies and consultants, and secure the abilities of locals to anchor operations in the legal and business reality of a country, supervising the process permanently. This gives us access to an unlimited spring of know-how in dozens of jurisdictions, and to teams of consultants available around the clock. We can establish highly qualified and tailored consortia to undertake complex projects in more than 50 countries and we provide unique legal and business solutions for long-term strategic thinking. 




Our Areas of Practice

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