Adrian Ciurtin on district heating solutions at Antena 3, 26.02.2017

Heating bills consume a significant part of your monthly budget? What are the solutions in the short, medium and long term for them to fall?

These are the questions that were answered by the international attorney in district heating solutions, Adrian Ciurtin (Ciurtin & Associates) and Vasile Muntenita, President of COGEN Romania, Professional Association of Cogeneration Producers, attending News Magazine TV Show, Antena 3, on February 26, 2017.

The difficulties faced by Romania in aligning with European countries in terms of optimizing the population heating is a topic to date, especially in the cold season. Heating bills, it is known, became Romanians nightmare for years. Because of the fear of high costs during winter, consumers are looking for cheaper solutions to heat. Here comes the role of central and local authorities to find sustainable solutions that will reduce pollution and provide the Gcal at the most affordable price. Cogeneration plants, which efficiently produce electricity and heat, represent the solution of the future. Denmark, Austria, Spain, England are European models that Romania, with political will, can follow to the benefit of consumers.

For more information you can watch the TV Show on Adrian's YouTube Channel, in Romanian version, at :



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