Adrian Ciurtin (Ciurtin&Associates) invokes the illegality of an Order of the Ministry of Environment

Ciurtin & Associates considers the Order 1534/2016 of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests to be unlawful, since it redefines in an incorrect manner the concept of biomass after such was already defined in Law 220 and in Directive 28/2009. The Order restricts the effects of the law to related industries and disregards the products and waste resulted directly from silviculture. The Order limits the legal framework and excludes firewood from the certified biomass.

Lawyer Adrian Ciurtin stated in a duplex press conference, Bucharest-Suceava, that the normative act, which affected the production of the biomass-fueled heat and power plant Bioenergy Suceava, represents also an abuse of the authorities, as it restricts rights already gained by investors, based on accreditations received from the Romanian state on a particular type of technology and fuel source.

Our law firm is about to initiate the first steps in order to eliminate the illegality and entail the liability of the responsible persons. Adrian Ciurtin emphasizes that major damage is brought to the producer, investors and financiers, who invested 86 million Eur in the cogeneration plant supplying heat for 50 thousand inhabitants of Suceava under a legal framework established by the Romanian state.

The Order of the Ministry of Environment has for effect the decrease of the number of green certificates by reducing the fuel categories used as biomass. And this endangers the functioning of the plant, considering that investors are determined to keep the price of the gigacalory promised to authorities and inhabitants of Suceava.




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