Adrian Ciurtin sounds the alarm on a new legal framework which affects tens of thousands of Romanian inhabitants

Adrian Ciurtin, Managing Partner at Ciurtin&Associates, together with Adrian Bodea, sole director of Bioenergy Suceava and shareholder of Adrem Invest, have sounded the alarm on Weekend Edition TV Show at Antena 3, Sunday, 27/11/2016, on a topic of great interest to Suceava. It is a situation of which more than 50 thousand collateral victims are the inhabitants of the city in Bucovina.

Order 1534/2016 of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests affects optimal functioning of the biomass plant Bioenergy Suceava, which supplies heat to the inhabitants at the lowest cost of Gcal in the country (116 lei / Gcal). The document issued by the Ministry of Environment amends the legislation on the definition of biomass and excludes firewood from this category. The result was for sure not measured by the Ministry of Environment, but it 50% affects the activity of the only biomass plant in the country, the one in Suceava,since half of the raw material consists of firewood. "The branches remaining after tree-felling were an essential element for Bioenergy biomass supply and being removed from the biomass definition we no longer can receive green certificates" explains Adrian Bodea.

"They do not comply with the legislative framework determined in 2008, confirmed in 2011, I mean the legislation on renewables, where the biomass definition was very clear. Now they cut out those provisions of the definition where is clearly established the waste from forestry. And what could be more healthy, more favorable to the forestry fund than to sanitize the woods, extract the waste and, through a well thought legislation, even to motivate those who would use such an alternative of heating, to enter the forest to collect such waste", states Adrian Ciurtin.

In these circumstances, the production of power and heat from Suceava is endangered without the concern of the Ministry of Environment, which issues abusive documents, regarding their impact on the 86 million euros investment in Suceava, and on more than 50 thousand inhabitants beneficiaries of the plant’s services.



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